Florida Pond, Lake and Wetland Management

"We are a client of yours and wanted to let you know what a great job our technician has done cleaning
up our big retention pond. There were all kinds of reeds, cattails and all kinds of other "things" growing
in it. Now, after just a few months our lake is looking so beautiful, clear and clean."
~ Susan Bowler, Ponte Vedra United Methodist Church

Does your lake, pond or wetland area suffer from any of these symptoms?

Science based approach for long term solutions for lake restoration and maintenance

Throughout our 30+ years in business, Aquatic Systems has invested in research and development to understand the underlying causes of algae blooms and invasive plant growth, midge fly invasions, muck, odors and water clarity/health issues. As stewards of our beautiful Florida environment we seek to limit herbicide applications whenever possible while achieving great results for your property. Aquatic Systems has 8 offices throughout the state to serve private, commercial and public lakes, waterways, wetlands and preserves.

Aquatic Systems monitors all local, state and federal regulations and permit requirements throughout Florida so you don't have to. Our professional staff includes aquatic limnologists and biologists to test, create and review management plans; sales and customer service personnel to respond to your needs and concerns; and field technicians who undergo the continuous training and testing to ensure they have the knowledge and tools to get the work done to your satisfaction:

  • State Certification for Aquatic Chemical Application: giving you confidence that chemicals, when used are applied properly.
  • Monthly Safety Training: prevention is the key to a safe work environment in both the office and the field. Our ongoing monthly safety training covers more than 15 major topics, from air-boats to welding
  • Certified Swim Test: water safety is more than wearing personal flotation devices while in a boat. Our technicians must prove their ability to swim, ensuring a higher level of safety in and around all waterways.


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Aquatic Systems is a Drug Free Workplace.