Lake Contour and Vegetation Mapping

Lake MapsHow do you really know the volume and surface area of your lake and pond? Many companies do basic calculations based on the depth at a few points and assumptions. At Aquatic Systems we never thought that was really a good way to go about it and thanks to modern technology we can now obtain a much more detailed and accurate 3-dimensional view of your body of water.

Homeowner’s associations, golf courses, and Community Development Districts can all benefit from protecting their property’s valuable aquatic resources with 3-D mapping.

Aquatic Systems Lake Mapping:

Aeration System Design
Precisely calculations of total water volume, bottom contours and varying center depth data is critically important to proper, efficient and successful aeration system design.

Aquatic Weed & Algae Control
Accurate treatment site dimensions including surface acres, bottom slope, average depth, shoreline perimeter and water volume allows closer estimates which improves treatment results while simultaneously lowering customer costs.

Midge Fly & Mosquito Control
Identify likely mosquito and midge fly larvae habitat to better target treatment areas reducing both chemical usage and customer costs.

Fisheries and Habitat Management
Knowing the waterways submersed contours and geological features such as shelves, ridges and holes and artificial structures aids in better fisheries population man.