Environmental Mission

Environmentally Friendly

As a lake and pond management company in the state of Florida, Aquatic Systems works for and is committed to the restoration and maintenance of both naturally occurring freshwater lakes and ponds and man-made stormwater/pollution retention ponds. Our water management plans seek to reduce herbicide use wherever possible and instead rely on natural control methods to provide our customers with the water quality, aesthetics and fisheries they expect.

When you see this symbol next to a service you will know that it is very earth friendly.

Recent ASI Earth Friendly Accomplishments:

  • Development, testing and introduction of Micro-Lyfe™ beneficial bacteria for naturally improving water quality and reducing biological oxygen demand and bottom muck.
  • Installation of Vertex bottom aeration systems to naturally reduce algae, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide gases, phosphorus and nitrogen nutrient levels thereby reducing chemical applications while improving water quality, aesthetics and fisheries.
  • Perpetual grass carp stocking program to naturally control Hydrilla and other submersed aquatic weeds without use of chemical herbicides.
  • 80% reduction in copper sulfate use thereby reducing amount of copper added to the environment.
  • Lake dye applications to reduce weed and algae growth by blocking sunlight to bottom growing surfaces.
  • Testing and introduction of Vertex ultrasonic transmitters to control algae by cell disruption without the use of chemical algaecides.
  • Carbon footprint reduction; ASI is currently building out a fleet of e-boats, the lake management industries’ first all-electric battery powered and battery propelled spray boats eliminating noise, gasoline and oil pollution to the aquatic environment.

Our Goals

  • Pioneer new natural methods of aquatic weed and algae control
  • Eliminate or reduce use of herbicides and algaecides whenever possible
  • Establish the healthiest possible aquatic eco-systems
  • Use the most environmentally sound practices possible
  • Maintain aesthetically pleasing waterways for our clients
  • Meet or exceed all government standards and regulations
  • Ensure our workforce is highly trained and certified in aquatic management
  • Strive to educate our customers about current best management practices
  • Continuously test our methods to ensure optimum results

Aquatic Systems will work to ensure that Florida's lakes remain healthy both today, and for future generations.