Lake Management Case Studies

Bahia Del Mar Lake Restoration Case Study

Aquatic Systems Restores Bahia Del Mar Lake to Healthy Levels for the Community and Wildlife

Bahia Del Mar is a 14 acre lake located in St. Petersburg, on the western coast of Florida. In January, 2012, the Home Owners Association contacted Aquatic Systems to request assistance in dealing with multiple lake issues including intense odors, ongoing fish kills and algal blooms.

Bahia Del Mar Before and after Read more »

Vertex Aeration Eliminates Accumulated Sediment

"A community project removed over 90 dangerous timbers from the lake in 2002. In clearing the lake from these obstructions, discussion turned to the noticeable levels of sediment in East Twin Lake, primarily concentrated at its west side. Was this sediment a sawdust gift from our timbering forefathers that was stored on our sandy-bottomed lake? In 2002, we were determined to come to the aid of our upper mesotropic lake. We were not satisfied seeing our lake filled with unsightly and increasing sediment. Read more »

Heron Cay: Increased Oxygen Reduces Stratification

Heron Cay, a high-end gated residential development, was experiencing a number of problems in their 21-acre lake which is central to the community. With maximum water depths over 20’, stratification caused severely low oxygen levels at the bottom. Having no beneficial bacteria to break down organics, heavy muck accumulation and foul odors from hydrogen sulfide gases were present. The lake was consuming what little available oxygen there was faster than it could be replenished, and excessive nutrient levels from fertilizer runoff only made conditions worse. Read more »

Aquatic Midge Fly Swarming Controlled with Vertex Aeration

Hibbs Grove located in Cooper City, Florida was experiencing an ongoing outbreak of swarming non-biting midge flies (Order: Diptera, Family: Chironomidae) from their 6.5 acre lake. This nuisance prevented residents from enjoying their lakefront property. Sampling indicated an extreme infestation of midge larvae averaging 6,794 larvae/m², more than six times the recognized 1,000/m2 nuisance level. Read more »

Winston Park: Phosphate and Ammonia Reduction

Amanda Quilen Ph.D. - Winston Park is a residential community in Coconut Creek, Florida. Winston Park Lake is 12.7 acres (5 hectares) and has a maximum depth of 32’ with an average depth of 19.5’. The lake experienced massive fish kills every fall due to a reduction in oxygen during fall turnover, so Vertex installed an aeration system consisting of six XL5™ AirStations powered by 3 Brookwood™ compressors totaling 2.25 hp; which produced 14 CFM of air at 19 PSI. This system is sized to turn the water over in the lake at a rate of 0.8 turnovers per day. Read more »