Fisheries Management Services

FishingFlorida is known for world class fishing. But many lakes need help to sustain healthy fish populations. Outside pressures including un-natural competition, and lack of habitat hinder populations.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission states that, “Recreational fishing provides an $8.7 billion benefit to the state’s economy… national survey ranks Florida #1 with 3.1 million anglers” in 2014, it is clear that our fisheries are an asset worth investing in.

When establishing a management plan, we use a holistic ecological approach to your fishery that takes into account all factors that will affect your fish; from lake size, to water quality, to predator/prey interactions. Knowing what is going on with your fishery is the first step towards improving it.

The benefits of managing your lakes health for fish include:

  • Increased populations of larger trophy fish or a balanced fishery with diverse range of sizes
  • Reductions in exotic fish species through removal and competition for habitat from other fish and wildlife
  • Improved minnow and sunfish populations that help reduce mosquito and midge fly larvae
  • Healthy lakes add value to surrounding real estate
  • More ways for residents to enjoy the lake or pond

Assess Current Conditions for Fish

Fishery Lake Assessment

  • Examine and evaluate the water and
    surrounding areas and record symptoms
  • Conduct water chemistry testing
  • Perform fish habitat and cover survey

Electrofishing Surveys

  • Remove and record numbers of
    Nonnative species or over abundant fish
  • Survey and record species and numbers
  • Analyze data to estimate population sizes
    by species
  • Identify any abnormalities in size distribution
  • Sample standardization
  • Track individual fish growth over time
  • Tag prize fish for family fishing tournaments

Lake Mapping

  • Detailed map of entire pond or lake
  • Accurate depth contours, volume,
    vegetation and hardness
  • Monitor bottom sedimentation over time
  • Identify fishing hotspots to increase angler
    catch rates

Improve Your Lake's Fishery

Lake Management for Fish

Fish Habitat Enhancement

  • Identify natural options to increase habitat
  • Install artificial fish structures

Fish Stocking

Fish Feeding Program

  • High quality automatic fish feeders
  • Fish feeder installation and maintenance
  • Scheduled feed fill

Establish a healthy fishery and aquatic ecosystem.

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