reasource libraryAt Aquatic Systems we believe that our best customer is an informed one, so we have put together this section of our site to help you become knowledgeable about aquatic ecosystems in Florida.

Do you know of a good article or useful links? Is there something you have been trying to get information about concerning lakes and ponds without much luck?

Let us know! We want this to become your go-to place for lake management information. Send your best ideas or questions to

The information is broken down under the following headings:

Articles/Fact Sheets– Targeted information that relates to lakes and pond, and their usage:

EPA Permits and Regulations – Information and articles about EPA regulations that affect lakes and wetlands

Glossary – What is a limnologist? For this and other definitions we have created a glossary of industry terms to help increase understanding.

Useful Links – this is broken down into two categories:

  • Business Resource Links – This is just a helpful list of sites that businesses may use. 
  • Consumer Resource Links – Aquascaping, fishing, boating, golf? These links are all about the fun things you do around lakes and ponds.

FAQ's – Quick source for answers to your most asked questions