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Your lake is an important part of what makes your community a great place to live. Fishing, swimming, boating, or just walking by, it enhances the lives of the people who live there. Aquatic Systems understands this and works to makes your lake healthy and enjoyable for the entire eco-system, humans included. The following services are only the beginning of an integrated plan to make your lake the best it can be. Aquatic Systems Brochure

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Lake Management

Lake management is a very broad term that encompasses everything that can be done to create, improve or maintain both the health and aesthetics of ponds and lakes of all types and sizes. Aquatic Systems works with communities to create a comprehensive plan that addresses their unique issues.

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Algae and Aquatic Weed Control

The wonderful climate in Florida allows various types of algae and exotic plants to take over and displace our native aquatic plants. Whether your lake or pond exists for its beauty and recreational use or for storm water retention and pollution control, excessive growth of nuisance plants or algae will have a negative effect on water quality and property values.


Lake Assessment Testing

At the heart of the lake or pond is the water itself and making sure the water is clear, rich in oxygen at all levels, with the right levels of healthy bacteria and nutrients is what Aquatic Systems does best. We offer consultation, testing, and most important, solutions to help you obtain water that is healthy for all living things.


Wetland and Preserve Management

Wetlands and uplands are an important part of keeping lake biodiversity. An amazing array of animals including amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals require habitat beyond just the lake. To help ensure that all the needs of your lake are met, Aquatic Systems manages the areas in your community set aside for these natural habitats as well as the lakes.

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Midge Fly and Mosquito Control

Ponds and lakes are natural habitats for mosquitos and midge flies. Controlling these two pests involves limiting the things in the habitat that they find most inviting, such as stagnant water and algae. Aquatic Systems will determine the underlying causes of your infestation and create management plan to keep them under control.

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Sport Fish and Triploid Grass Carp Stocking

What kinds of fish are swimming in your pond or lake? Some fish are needed for enjoyment while others are an important part of maintaining the balance of plants and other organisms. As a part of an overall lake management plan or a single stocking, we can provide for your lakes needs

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Compliance and Permitting

Invasive plants, exotic fish, pollution from run-off; these are just a few of the reasons that governments have created regulations. And while it may seem like a burden, they are created to bring the natural eco-system back to where it belongs and to ensure the safety of water worldwide. Aquatic Systems brings 30+ years' experience dealing with compliance issues, reports and permits; we'll be the expert so you don't have to.

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