Artificial Lakes

There are three reasons that man-made lakes are created throughout Florida:

Water Management: Whether generating power, controlling flooding or for navigation or drinking water; humans have been building dams to create reservoirs for centuries and Florida has quite a few including Lake Hurricane and Lake Seminole.

Aesthetics to Improved Home Values: Florida is number one in lakes created specifically to add real estate “value”. Low lying areas that remain when fill dirt is taken are dug deeper to create lakes for ‘waterfront’ homes.

Control pollution: Retention ponds are also created when communities are built but for very different reasons. A great deal of Florida is built on what were once wetlands. These ponds are created to do the job that the wetland did by preventing deterioration of natural freshwater bodies from nutrient and pollutant laden water that drains from paved roads and yards of the development.

Whatever the reason, proper management will ensure the lake functions and looks as good as any made by nature.