How healthy is your lake water?

The water is really what a lake is all about so it stands to reason the health of the water determines the health of the lake. It may seem like it would be easy to just send a sample somewhere and get the results, but that would give you an incomplete picture of its true state. Download the Water Chemistry PDF

Field Test

Consultation at the site

This is an important step in understanding the current state of your lake, and what to begin testing for. Color, odor, algae, plants and other living organisms, even the neighborhood around the lake will tell a biologist a lot about your lake.

Testing in the lab

Aquatic Systems has a fully staffed, in-house laboratory* to provide complete water testing services to our clients. Laboratory data have many uses; including determining suitability of water for recreation or for irrigation. All water chemistry and bacteria test reports include full explanations and an aquatic biologist is available at our laboratory to answer all your questions.

Field Tests: Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature Profiles, Secchi Disk, Visual Algae Identification, Aquatic Plant Identification.

Laboratory Tests: Ammonia, Carbon Dioxide, Chemical Oxygen Demand, Chloride, Conductivity, Color, Copper, Dissolved Oxygen Profiles, Fluridone, Iron, Nitrogen, pH, Phosphorus, Salinity, Total Dissolved Solids, Turbidity and many other tests.

Microscopic Services: Algae Identification, Aquatic Plant Identification and Aquatic Organism Identification.

Once we know the true state of the water, we can develop a plan to get the water, and the entire lake ecosystem where it should be.

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* Aquatic Systems, Inc. is not a state-certified lab