Sport Fish

Are there ever enough fish in the pond?

Sport FishingIn addition to being necessary to a balanced ecosystem, catching fish is one of the top recreational activities for both native Floridians and tourists. Aquatic Systems can stock your pond or lake with a wide variety of hardy native freshwater fish including these popular species:

Largemouth Bass - Micropterus salmoides is a member of the sunfish family and Florida’s state freshwater fish. This fish is a predator that is often used for stocking ponds to maintain a healthy fish community. They reproduce and prey effectively in warm, vegetated areas of lakes. When young, largemouth bass prey on microscopic animals but quickly switch to a diet of fish and crayfish. These fish are a favorite of sport fisherman everywhere!

Bluegill - Lepomis macrochirus also belongs to the sunfish family. Bluegills prefer the shallow, warm, vegetated areas of lakes and are often stocked to provide food for largemouth bass. They reproduce often so it is important to keep sufficient numbers of bass to keep them in check. Young bluegills eat microscopic animals, while adults prey on insects, fish eggs, small crayfish, and occasionally small fish. They are also considered game fish for anglers.

Channel Catfish - Ictalurus punctatus, a member of the larger Catfish family, they grow very well in ponds and rarely cause problems unless overstocked. They will not reproduce in ponds unless containers are provided for them to spawn in. It is not recommended that containers be provided as that can cause an overpopulation of catfish. This is the catfish found most often in the seafood section of the grocery store.

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