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Photo of Doug Agnew

Doug Agnew

General Manager

West Coast Region - B.S. in Environmental Studies, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. 33 years' experience.

Doug oversees the operations of the production, sales, and administrative departments of Sarasota, Sun City, St. Petersburg, and Wesley Chapel offices.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and Marine Science from Stockton University. He’s been with the company for more than 33 years. He worked his way up to the position he currently holds from working in the field to sales and then management.

One of his favorite parts of his job is developing his employees so they can reach their potential and make a difference. He believes the company makes a positive impact on the environment by rehabilitating, enhancing, and sustaining aquatic ecosystems.

Doug is from Pompton Lakes, New Jersey. Since he was a kid, he has been fascinated in marine biology, which he later turned into a career in environmental science.

Photo of Josh McGarry

Josh McGarry

District Manager

Sarasota and Sun City - A.A. Liberal Arts, University of Florida. 11 years' experience.

Josh manages the Sarasota and Sun City offices, and is responsible for the operations of production and sales in his region.  He earned a Master Naturalist Certification from the University of Florida, and holds a Florida Green Best Management Practices certificate. He has worked here nearly 11 years.

Josh started out as a Tech, and was promoted to Assistant Service Manager, Service Manager, Account Manager, and Sales Manager. He currently holds the position of District Manager.

Josh enjoys helping and educating customers, developing his staff, and speaking at conferences. He said our employees are stewards of the environment. We restore wetlands and waterways to a natural and healthy state.

Josh was born-and-raised in Aurora, New York in the Finger Lakes region.

Photo of Matt Kramer

Matt Kramer

St Petersburg Regional Biologist and Project Manager

B.S. in Biology & Marine Science, University of Tampa. Five years' experience.

Matt has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Marine Science from the University of Tampa. When learning about the job, he was fascinated in its involvement with water quality and invasive species management. He has been working with the company for three years. He started as a technician.

As the Regional Project Manager, he is responsible for scheduling and coordination of field staff and sub-contractors to provide the necessary resources needed for successful, timely, and profitable completion of all special projects. Matt will be developing and maintaining excellent relationships with current customers, prospects, and the Aquatic Systems staff in the area. He will be working in the region to oversee native plantings, removals, lake and pond assessments, midge fly ID and control technology, coring, and Mobitrac work.

He looks for the healthiest possible option for each lake and educates his customers about what a healthy lake and pond should look like. Matt grew up in Niceville, Florida.

Photo of Chris Cipollina

Chris Cipollina

Account Representative

St Pete - B.S. in Environmental Studies, Biology, and Coastal Management, Eckerd College. Three years' experience.

Chris received a degree in Environmental Studies, Biology, and Coastal Management from Eckerd College. In addition, he holds a Restricted Use Pesticide license, after completing the Core and Aquatics tests through the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) and has taken courses specific to the field of biology of Florida, including those relating to the different ecosystems and the state’s diverse wildlife.

As an Account Rep, Chris establishes and maintains excellent customer relationships, assisting customers with waterway maintenance, and conducting lake assessments and inspections.  He is also the Regional Biologist for the St. Petersburg field office.

He’s been with the company for a little over two years. During that time. Chris worked as an Aquatic Technician/Biologist and then was promoted to Waterway Crew Foreman.

Chris is quite knowledgeable about the state’s flora and fauna and is a valuable resource for staff and customers.

Photo of James Roehm

James Roehm

Service Manager

St Pete - B.S. Biology, University of Central Florida. Seven years' experience.

James received his Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Central Florida.

As a Service Manager he coordinates the field service staff and activities. He’s been with the company for five years, and has been a Service Manager for two years. He is passionate about communicating with the company’s customers and assisting them in any way possible. He is proud of the work he does with our company.

James was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Florida, and relocated to Orlando for college.

In his free time, James enjoys fishing. He is the Vice President of Suncoast Tarpon Roundup, an educational and research-based nonprofit organization that hosts tarpon fishing tournaments.

Photo of Peter Simoes

Peter Simoes

Account Representative & Sun City Regional Biologist

Sun City - B.S. Environmental Studies, University of South Florida. Three years' experience.

Peter received his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies from the University of South Florida.  In addition, he’s received his Green Industries Best Management Practices certificate. He has been here for more than two years, starting as a field technician.

Peter is tasked with performing inspection of customers’ lakes, ensuing great customer satisfaction through communication, site visits and attending community or homeowner board meetings when requested.

He has been employed as an Assistant Curator at the school’s Herbarium, where he honed his skills in plant ID, and furthered his education Florida’s native and invasive species. Additionally, he worked with AmeriCorps clearing trails and zones of invasive species and educating visitors.

Peter enjoys the interaction he shares with customers, working outdoors, and like most Floridians, getting back into an air conditioned office to get paperwork done.

Photo of Logan Bell

Logan Bell

Account Representative & Biologist

Sun City - B.S. Candidate in Biology, University of South Florida-St. Petersburg. Five years' experience.

Logan earned an Associate of Science degree from the State College of Florida and will soon earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of South Florida-St. Petersburg. He has been an Aquatic Tech/Biologist for Aquatic Systems for past five years.

Logan is well-versed in the identification of native and invasive species, treatment methods, and he is an excellent customer advocate. In addition to his university education, he completed the Best Management Practices course from UF-IFAS and earned the certificate.

A Florida-born resident from Sarasota, Logan spent many hours with his grandfather who was a Botanist and Limnologist. He grew up learning everything about Florida’s freshwater and saltwater ecosystems, forests and wetlands.

He applied for his original job here to spend time where he loves to be; on the water, in the wetlands, and outdoors in his part of Florida. He also enjoys the science aspects of the job as it allows him the opportunity to quantify results for existing problems and find the right solutions.

Photo of Jason Jasczak

Jason Jasczak

Service Manager

Sun City - A.A.S. Fishery Science, Hillsborough Community College. Eight years' experience.

Jason earned an Associate’s degree in Fishery Science from Hillsborough Community College. Also, Jason holds the Florida Green Best Management Practices, and Florida Master Naturalist certificates. He’s been with Aquatic Systems for seven years, starting out as a Technician and worked his way up to Service Manager.

He is charged with maintaining quality customer relationships, providing quality control inspections, and applying treatments.

Jason was born and raised in Hawaii. Before working with us, he was employed with Ekkwill Waterlife Resources.  Interested in the company’s dedication to the environment, he applied for a job with our company.

Photo of Liz Rocque

Liz Rocque

Sales Manager

Sarasota - B.S. in Environmental Science and Policy, University of South Florida. Five years' experience.

Liz graduated from the University of South Florida with a B.S. in Environmental Science and Policy. In addition, she has interned at our in-house labs learning more about algae, algae ID, aquatic plants and treatments. She also received her Green Industries-Best Management Practices certificate for the enhancement of Water Quality on Florida Golf Courses and is on the Board of the Suncoast CISMA (Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area).

Her position as Sales Manager puts her in charge of new business development and the retention of existing customers. She’s been here for three years, and is well-qualified to handle any customer task that hits her desk. She enjoys every aspect of her work and especially enjoys working with and educating customers about maintaining a healthy environment through storm water systems.


Photo of Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson

Service Manager

Sarasota - B.S. in Marine Biology Auburn University. Three years' experience.

Alex earned a B.S. in Marine Biology from Auburn University. He’s been working in his field for over three years.

He is responsible for many activities for our customers including maintaining the accounts assigned to him and setting the standards for service technicians. He also coordinates work schedules and ensures that the office operates smoothly.

Alex was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas. After vacationing here with family throughout his life, he fell in love with this area of Florida and decided that this is where he wants to stay year-round. Alex enjoys problem solving and working outdoors, a perfect combination for his job.

Photo of Jimmy Taylor

Jimmy Taylor

Sales Manager

Wesley Chapel - B.S. in International Business and Marketing, Florida International University. 10 years' experience.

Jimmy has a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Marketing from Florida International University. He’s also received his Restricted Pesticide Applicator License. He’s been with us for five years.

In his position, he manages the developing business strategies, and works with the sales team for the Wesley Chapel office. He has risen through a chain of promotions starting as an Aquatic Technician, to Waterway Crew Foreman, to Account Representative, and then to his current position as Sales Manager.

Jimmy loves to help customers with their issues and find sustainable solutions. He works with staff on developing eco-friendly management programs for customers.

Jimmy is a born-and-raised Floridian who grew up in Miami. He has extensive knowledge of Florida’s wildlife and loves helping customers identify them.

Photo of Patrick Brophy

Patrick Brophy

Account Representative

Wesley Chapel - B.A. in Environmental Studies from Eckerd College. Two years’ experience.

A native of Northern Virginia, Patrick first moved to Florida to attend Eckerd College where he graduated in 2016 with a major in Environmental Studies and minors in Biology and Political Science. He began his career with Aquatic Systems in 2017 as a Technician/Biologist in the St Petersburg office.

Patrick has a diverse background with experience in wildlife removal, biological monitoring with Pinellas County, and even spent a summer in Allegany State Park (NY), leading educational programs for park patrons on a wide array of topics. Well versed in identification of native and non native Flora and Fauna, Patrick enjoys sharing his knowledge of the natural world with colleagues and customers. Some of his favorite things about the job are working outside, problem solving, and building relationships with his customers.

Photo of Kevin Wilt

Kevin Wilt

Service Manager

Wesley Chapel - B.S. Food and Resource Economics, University of Florida. Four years' experience.

Kevin has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida in Food and Resource Economics. He’s been with us since January 2013. He started out as an Aquatic Biologist/Technician.

In his position, he manages several different aspects which include leading his crew in production responsibilities, performing internal quality control inspections, communicating with other managers, meeting customers, ensuring employee safety, and a good range of other activities.

Kevin was born-and-raised in Valrico, Florida. Before working with the company, Kevin worked in production agriculture. He was interested in a career where he could solve problems. Through networking, he came across our company.

Kevin’s favorite part of his job is creating management plans to help customers with their particular needs. He works as part of a team to come up with environmentally sound plans that take a Bottom-Up approach.

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