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Photo of Todd Barhydt

Todd Barhydt

District Manager

SE Region - B.A. in Marine Science and Biology, Kutztown University. 26 years' experience.

Todd manages the Ft. Pierce, Pompano Beach, and Miami offices. He originally started with us 25 years ago as a Technician, worked his way to Sales Manager after approximately one year, and became District Manager after approximately three to four years.  He received his Bachelor’s degree in Marine Science with a minor in Biology from Cutstown University. His main course of study was of lakes and limnology.

Todd’s job involves overseeing the daily operations of the company’s service managers, technicians, field personnel, and sales staff. He is passionate about the preserve and littoral work the company does.

Todd was born and raised in the northeast corner of Auburn, Indiana.   He later moved to Florida and stayed with his aunt and uncle while searching for a job.

Todd enjoys promoting the environment and restoration through his job by trying to keep protected areas as natural as possible.

Photo of Mark Glassner

Mark Glassner

Sales Manager

Ft. Pierce - B.S. in Marine Biology and MBA, Rutgers University. Seven years' experience.

Mark has a Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University in Marine Biology.  He manages the sales and accounts for the Ft. Pierce office.  He started working here as an aquatic technician.

Mark lived in New Jersey before coming to Florida to work with the company. Before coming here, Mark worked in retail, but later decided he wanted a change of pace utilizing his science education. It was not long before he landed a job with us. He enjoys helping his customers, finding solutions to customer’s lake or wetland problems, and improving our water resources.

Mark said he does not think of himself as a sales person, but as a biologist improving water quality. His favorite part of his job is working with customers.

Photo of Kate Hermit

Kate Hermit

Sales Manager

Pompano Beach and Miami - B.A. in Biological Sciences, Florida Atlantic University. Four years' experience.

Kate received an Associate’s degree in Environmental Technology and an Associate’s degree in Arts from Florida Keys Community College. She then received her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences with a minor in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from Florida Atlantic University. She also received certifications from Florida Atlantic University in GIS and Environmental Science, and is a Florida Master Naturalist.

Kate works one-on-one with the company’s clients to help identify their needs, explain the science behind the recommended solutions and promote a high level of customer satisfaction.

She was born in Fort Lauderdale but has lived in different states and countries such as Georgia, Virginia, Greece, Albania, Crete, and St. Thomas USVI.

She has been interested in marine biology since high school. Before starting here, she worked surveying for mosquito larvae in uninhabited islands of the Florida Keys. She cares about sustainability and likes to educate people on ways to help the environment.

Kate is passionate about marine biology and helping people. She enjoys being in the field and helping customers.

Photo of Jeff Schulz

Jeff Schulz

Service Manager

Pompano Beach - B.S. Biological Science with Concentration in Marine Science, Florida Atlantic University. 13 years' experience.

Jeff received his bachelor’s degree in Biological Science with a concentration in Marine Science from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. During his studies, he attended the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute’s Semester by the Sea program, where he received hands on field experience with Florida’s natural environment.

Jeff is the Service Manager for our accounts located in Broward and Palm Beach counties. He manages a large field staff that provides our clients the outstanding lake management services they expect. He has worked for us since 2005.

Jeff was born-and-raised in Hartford, Connecticut, and later moved to Florida. He has a great interest in our coastal environment and is an expert scuba diver with many advanced certifications.

He believes our company stands out in the lake management industry because the company is constantly learning from its field studies, lake assessments, and research scientists within the company.

Photo of Eggy Suarez

Eggy Suarez

Service Manager & Miami Regional Biologist

Miami - B.S. in Biology Sciences, University of Havana, Cuba. Four years' experience.

Eggy received his Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Havana and continued his education by attending post-graduate programs in marine biology and aquaculture before coming to the United States.

He started with the company two and half years ago as an Aquatic Biologist and was subsequently promoted to Assistant Service Manager and then to Service Manager of our Miami office. He enjoys the challenges of managing lakes in Miami’s subtropical climate with their unique variety of exotic weeds, algae and wildlife.  Thanks to his Cuban heritage and education, Eggy works well with the local communities to achieve their goals of beautiful and healthy lakes and waterways.


Photo of Brandon Hill

Brandon Hill

Wetland and Littoral Specialist

Southeast Florida - 11 years' experience.

Brandon is in charge of managing the maintenance of the wetlands in south Florida. A native Floridian, born and raised in Boynton Beach, he knows the wetlands well. He has been with us for 10 years. Throughout those 10 years, he has learned more about the unique qualities and challenges of Florida’s lakes and wetlands.

Brandon’s job at Aquatic Systems requires him to maintain and manage the littorals for the south Florida wetlands. His knowledge of the aquatic ecosystems he works with comes from spending much time in them and earning an appreciation for what they do.

He loves working outside which makes this job a good fit. Brandon likes the team atmosphere and knowing that each day is different with new challenges. In his off time, he coaches 5th, 6th and 7 graders in football and basketball, as well as playing and watching sports.