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Photo of Robbin Huffines

Robbin Huffines

General Manager

SW Region - B.S. Candidate in Environmental Management University of Florida, Soil and Water Science. 18 years' experience.

Robbin manages the Ft. Myers office. He has an Associate’s degree from Florida Southwestern University. In addition, Robbin is a member on the Board of Directors of the Florida Lake Management Society, and is a regular guest speaker on Sandcastle Radio discussing all topics relating to pond and lake management.

His responsibilities include supervising staff, interacting with customers, setting up projects, and overseeing operations. He enjoys meeting customers, guiding them through the process, and brainstorming solutions, and watching the projects’ progress.

Robbin was born-and-raised in Ft. Myers, Florida. Before working with Aquatic Systems, he had worked in landscape design and for KCA Marine Research in a fisheries position conducting saltwater marine research.

Robbin enjoys the whole process of customer interaction from meeting them, brainstorming solutions, and being a part of a project’s progress and success. Helping the customer through the whole process is important to him. He believes our dedication to our customers sets us apart from other companies in the industry.

Photo of Christina Kennedy

Christina Kennedy

Sales Manager

Ft. Myers - B.S. in Zoology - Marine Ecosystem Management Michigan State University. Three years' experience.

Christina received a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology with a concentration in Marine Biology with a specialization in Marine Ecosystem Management from Michigan State University.

At Aquatic Systems, she is a Sales Manager/Biologist who is tasked with conducting account inspections, communicating with customers, and making recommendations for lake maintenance.

She is a firm believer in how the company can manage lakes based on the root of each lake’s problem for long term results instead of spraying a standard chemical for short term results.


Photo of Lexus Pelfrey

Lexus Pelfrey

Account Representative

Ft. Myers - B.S. in Environmental Science Florida State University. Three years' experience.

Lexus received a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science with a minor in Meteorology from Florida State University. While in college, she interned for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, comparing particulate matter readings of different chemicals, such as the amount of aerosol particles in the air.

She is an Account Representative/Biologist with Aquatic Systems. Her responsibilities include interacting with customers, conducting site inspections for invasive plants, and making proposals to eradicate the property’s lake water issues. She promotes sustainability through the company’s different services such as lake assessments, aeration, and fisheries. She is passionate about talking with customers and said she loves how friendly they can be.

Lexus grew up in Cape Coral, Florida. She is a great resource for both customers and employees in the Ft. Myers, Florida area.

Photo of Mason Maher

Mason Maher

Service Manager

Ft. Myers - B.S. Environmental Science, Florida Gulf Coast University. Seven years' experience.

Mason graduated Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies.

As a Service Manager with our company, he runs the daily operations for the technicians. His tasks include scheduling equipment maintenance, reviewing requests for services and scheduling work orders. He enjoys educating his employees and watching them grow both as technicians and individuals.

Mason grew up in Cuyahoga County, Cleveland. He moved to Florida to attend college, and began working here after graduation. He became interested in the position because it is primarily outdoors.

Mason enjoys educating customers about the environment and sustainability, and sparking people’s interest so they can strive to protect it.

Photo of Dylan  Humenay

Dylan Humenay

Assistant Service Manager and Southwest Florida Regional Biologist

B.S. in Environmental Science and Policy University of South Florida. Two years' experience.

Dylan earned a B.S. in Environmental Science and Policy from the University of South Florida. He’s been working in his field for two full years. As the regional biologist for the area, he completes work orders for water sampling, lake mapping and more. He is also in charge of revitalizing the fisheries program in his area of operation. In addition, he holds the FDACS Aquatic Pest Herbicide applicator license. He has been with the company for over a year.

He is responsible for many activities on a daily basis. He maintains the accounts assigned to him, acts as a point of reference for the Ft. Myers service technicians, coordinates work schedules, and ensures that the office operates smoothly.

Prior to coming to the company, he interned with an environmental consulting firm in Tampa where he was introduced to a variety of activities relating to his degree such as plant identification skills, mitigation design and planning as well as introductory permitting.

Dylan enjoys the diverse nature of his job, working outdoors and interacting with customers and wildlife.

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