Midge Fly Season is Back Again!

midge flyWhat are they? Midge flies are annoying flying insects most often found by bright lights near lakes and retention ponds. 

Midge flies, also called blind mosquitoes, are ubiquitous throughout Florida. They belong to a very large and diverse family of aquatic insects with their immature stages occurring in the water. They resemble mosquitoes in size and shape but thankfully they do not bite, sting, suck blood or carry disease.

Swarming midge flies can be a real nuisance to Florida communities

  • Outdoor recreation becomes limited as people are driven inside
  • Some people have allergic reactions if they accidentally inhale them
  • Property damage can occur by blanketing houses, outdoor furniture, cars and landscaping

Why are midge flies swarming now?

Midge flies can be a problem in Florida all year, but swarms tend to be worse in the dry hot spring and early fall when water tables are at their lowest. The larvae thrive in shallow lakes or shallow areas around the shore and their numbers can grow exponentially in water with high levels of nutrients, low oxygen, and bottom muck. The larvae live on the lake bottom making them more difficult to control and to detect imminent adult swarming.

Midge flies can be controlled

  1. Get short term control by destroying them in the larval stage
  2. Improve the overall water quality of the lake by reducing the nutrient load
  3. Add aeration to eliminate stagnant water and reduce muck
  4. Maintain a healthy predatory fish population for the lake size and density which will eat the larvae

A swarm of midge flies by your Florida lake, pond or waterway is an annoyance, and it may seem like a good idea to be rid of them all. However, they are a food source for other aquatic insects such as dragon fly nymphs, several varieties of fish, birds and some bats. The goal is to not totally eliminate them, but to bring them into proper balance with the ecosystem. A balanced lake ecosystem is a healthy lake ecosystem.

Don’t let bugs keep you inside!

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