Winter Challenges for Florida Ponds.

Sandcastle Radio LogoWinter in south Florida sounds rather odd. As others braces for cold and ice, we enter the dry season. This podcast is sure to enlighten, inform and educate listeners about pond problems during our dry season.  Some of the most common lake questions we hear from returning seasonal residents are addressed including:

  • Why are there brownish plants along the lake shoreline?
  • Why does the turf looks so bad on the edge of the pond?
  • What killed the fish floating in the lake?
  • Why doesn’t this lake look as nice as the one up north where I live?

Robbin answers these questions in this podcast about winter challenges for Florida ponds, and shares some thoughts for community Boards of Directors on pre-planning for the lake in the year ahead.

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    Meet the Expert

    Robbin Huffines, General Manager of our Ft. Myers office is a frequent featured guest on Sandcastle Radio, a community management company program discussing lakes and other natural environments in Florida communities.  He is a member on the Board of Directors of the Florida Lake Management Society and respected lake management professional.