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Aquatic Systems Inc. encourages those who share a love for water, plants, and the environment to learn more about our company. We have established an outstanding reputation for quality products and services. Employees at Aquatic Systems are expected to contribute their talents and energies to improve the environment and quality of the company, as well as the company’s products/services. In return, you will be given opportunities to learn and grow in your career.

Compensation and personal satisfaction gained from doing a job well are just two reasons why people work. Most likely, many other factors count among your reasons for working – pleasant relationships and working conditions, career development and promotion opportunities, and health benefits are just a few. Aquatic Systems, Inc. is committed to doing its part to provide a satisfying work experience for its employees.

All applicants must possess the following:

  • Clean Driving Record
  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Drug-Free Lifestyle
  • Coordination
  • Basic Math Competency
  • Self-motivation and Good Judgment
  • Positive Team Attitude
  • Excellent Customer Service Skills


Field employees are required meet these additional qualifications:

  • Florida State Certification Test to receive their Applicator License before their 90th day of employment
  • Swimming test

To apply for one of these positions:

  1. Openings are posted on job sites including Career Builder and Indeed if you’d like to apply through one of them
  2. Service Positions: Download the Service or Field Position Package
  3. Office Positions: Download the Administrative Application Package
  4. Fill it out electronically or print and fill it out
  5. Sign where asked because there is more than one place to sign
  6. Scan and email the application to with the job you are applying for in the subject line including the city

Aquatic Systems uses E-Verify® to determine the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States.


E-Verify® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security