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The lakes at The Island Club of Vero Beach is a beautiful private community adjacent to the Indian River Lagoon with two lakes that total over 14 acres

Aquatic Systems maintains both lakes and worked with Vertex Water Features to design and install lake aeration systems and custom floating fountains. Aquatic Systems and has provided a number of services to maintain and improve the look and health of the lakes at The Island Club including algae and aquatic weed control, midge fly control, littoral zone planting and native plant maintenance, sport fish stocking, water quality testing, lake aeration system maintenance, and fountain maintenance.

Each spring and the fall, Aquatic System’s local biologist joins members of the HOA and the Lake Committee on the community’s lake walks. During the walks, the biologist assesses and discusses the current conditions of the lakes directly with the community members so that everyone has a clear understanding of what is going on and what issues may need to be looked into more thoroughly. Photographic reports detailing the current services and health of the waterways are presented to the board and lake committee.

Island Club Vero Beach Fountain
Island Club Shoreline

The members of the HOA and lake committee have stated,

“The Island Club of Vero Beach has been very pleased with the services of Aquatic Systems and Vertex Water Features in caring for both of our community lakes for over 10 years. Aquatic Systems is always available and frequently used for consultations, always participates in our lake meetings, and is a highly regarded associate of our Lake Committee.”

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