Dylan Humenay prepares a sample for the lab

Dylan Humenay prepares a sample for the lab


The conditions of the water in your lake affects the health of every living thing in it. A comprehensive consultation begins right at the water’s edge so that we can understand the current state of your lake, and what to begin testing for. Color, odor, algae, plants and other living organisms, even the neighborhood around the lake will tell a biologist a lot about your lake.

Lakes often show deteriorating conditions due to increased urban influences, lake aging, and declining health or overuse of traditional treatment options that no longer work.

Understanding the lake ecology makes it possible to:

  1. Identify specific issues such as algal growth, muck build up, suspended solids, etc.
  2. Uncover the root cause of the issues including nutrients, oxygen depletion, etc.
  3. Identify all ecological factors contributing to perceived lake issues
  4. Hone in on primary causal factors
  5. Create management plans specific to the lake of interest
  6. Equip you with solutions that address each identifiable causal factor
  7. Enhance the effectiveness of treatment techniques

A comprehensive water quality assessment gives you:

  • Detailed reporting on the identified issues and their cause
  • Documented tangible evidence of improved lake health
  • Improved cost/benefit ratios as less time and money are wasted on treatments that don’t work
  • Confidence that your concerns for the environment are met as treatments are better defined
  • Prolonged lake health that replaces cycles of fluctuating state regulated treatments
  • Improved property owner satisfaction

Waterway Assessment Packages for common lake issues

Aquatic Systems has a fully staffed, in-house laboratory to provide complete water testing services to our clients. Laboratory data have many uses; including determining suitability of water for recreation or for irrigation. All water chemistry and bacteria test reports include full explanations and an aquatic biologist is available at our laboratory to answer all your questions. Some of the packages we offer are:

    • Pre- aeration
    • Basic Lake Quality
    • Standard Water Quality
    • Total Lake Quality
    • Muck
    • Water Clarity

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