Caitlin Henderson runs tests on a customer’s lake
sample in the Lake Restoration Research Lab


Our Lake Restoration Research lab makes it possible for you to understand what is going on under the surface of your lake.

In order to choose the right lab services for you, we first determine what symptoms your lake is experiencing. Maybe there is a bad odor, a water clarity issue or overly productive plants and algae.

We run a wide variety of analytical tests, each of which can tell you something special about your waterbody. The goal of our lab is to identify the underlying causes of lake symptoms so that we use appropriate measures to correct them.

It is our goal to implement management strategies that directly relate to your water quality and the issues at hand. Performing a water quality lake assessment in our research lab is the first step on the road to a healthier lake.

How you benefit from a water quality assessment:

  • Detailed reporting on the identified issues and their cause
  • Documented tangible evidence of improved lake health
  • Improved cost/benefit ratios as less time and money are wasted on treatments that don’t work
  • Environmental concerns are eased as treatments are better defined
  • Prolonged maintenance of improved lake health replaces cycles of fluctuating states regulated by treatments
  • Improved property owner satisfaction

Having our own lab allows us to customize assessment packages to meet your lake’s needs.

Tamerra tests a water sample

In addition to testing your lake samples, the lab allows us to perform in-house research related to nutrient abatement and overall water quality . Our case studies help us to stay ahead of the curve and observe firsthand what lake management approaches are most effective for lake restoration. Check out one of our case studies today!

Good water quality is essential for a lake to remain healthy, vibrant and full of life. All water chemistry and bacteria test reports include full, easy to comprehend explanations and an aquatic biologist is available at our laboratory to answer all your questions. Our water testing labs are located in our Pompano Beach, Florida headquarters.

What’s in Your Florida Lake Water?