Dissolved oxygen is the most critical indicator of a pond or lake’s health and water quality . When oxygen is used up too quickly in the water problems can occur:

Pond aeration boil

  • Nutrients build up, increasing algae growth which prefer high pH still-water habitats
  • Bottom muck increases due to oxidation of organic wastes slowing down
  • Rotten egg odors from toxic gasses (hydrogen sulfide) increase
  • Fish cannot breathe, resulting in stress and possible mass fish kills
  • Water becomes stratified – temperature differences between top and bottom levels further reduce oxygen at lower levels.

There is a solution

Aquatic Systems, in partnership with Vertex Water Features, offers the most advanced lake aeration systems that pump compressed air through bottom diffusers creating total water column circulation for better aquatic plant and fish management.

Vertex aeration systems have been independently tested to be the most efficient aeration system available. Also, because there is no electricity in the water and full GFCI protection, Vertex aeration systems are a safe option.

We offer sales, installation, service and repair of Vertex Aeration Systems and Fountains.
Our experienced staff also service and repair other manufacturer’s equipment.

Vertex System underwater

Why we choose Vertex aeration systems:

  • High efficiency systems that provide higher lifting rates with lower power consumption, studies have shown that bottom diffused aeration is the most effective
  • Vertex has published independent testing of circulation rates of their systems with proven results
  • Vertex has a team dedicated to research and development of effective means of pond and lake restoration
  • Long term case studies showing that Vertex systems can improve single issues such as muck reduction as well as overall improvement in water clarity and quality
  • ETL Equipment listing ensuring their products meet electrical safety codes
  • Industry best warranties for our customers
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Bahia del Mar Case Study – Aeration and Alum Restore the Lake

Bahia Del Mar is a 14 acre lake located in St. Petersburg, on the western coast of Florida, USA. In January, 2012, the Home Owners Association contacted Aquatic Systems/Vertex Water Features to request assistance in dealing with multiple lake issues including bad odors, dead fish and other wildlife and green murky water. The following is a summary of the initial evaluation, treatment and improvement of the lake over an 11 month period following the implementation of the Aquatic Systems management plan.