Your shoreline loves attention

Pond or lake shoreline landscaping, or aquascaping, greatly enhances the beauty and health of any natural or man-made lake or pond. There are numerous benefits to adding a natural buffer or riparian zone with native plants to your lake, and some counties actually require them for stormwater retention ponds, as designated mitigation areas.

There are several plants that can be used along shallow lake and pond shorelines in Florida, from arrowhead to water lilies. Lakes and ponds typically have multiple depths and Aquatic Systems introduces plants that are appropriate to the specifics of each location.

The advantages of planting along the shoreline include:

  • Erosion control – Roots from plants will stabilize the shoreline and offshore vegetation will buffer against wave action.
  • Reduction of non-native plant invasions – Exotic plants will have a much harder time taking root in areas where native plants are abundant.
  • Water quality – Plants act as a filter for surface run-off from various sources including roads and lawns; and take up excess nutrients as they grow and spread.
  • Wildlife habitat – Many organisms live right at the water’s edge and aquatic plants provide both food and shelter, which will attract people to your lake.
  • Aesthetics – As nice as a well-manicured grass area can be, too much can be boring; even worse are the chain link fences surrounding many pollution retention ponds that are common in communities throughout Florida. Adding a variety of plants adds layers of visual interest to the scenery.

A variety of native plants used along shallow lake and pond banks and shorelines in Florida bolster the soil and create a beautiful aesthetic.

Florida’s lakes and ponds usually have several depths and Aquatic Systems’ team of experienced staff can introduce the right plants for right places.

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