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Wetlands are an important part of the natural ecosystem helping to reduce storm damage and flooding, regulating water levels within watersheds, and acting as a filter to improve water quality . Wetlands also provide a habitat for fish and wildlife. All of these factors lend support to fishing, hunting and other recreational activities. Unfortunately, throughout Florida, wetlands and preserve areas have been seriously impacted by development.

Today there are many programs and regulations to bring wetlands back to healthy levels. By replacing exotic, non-native plants with desirable native species to create natural communities, Aquatic Systems can help mitigate the impact of ongoing development, improving both new and pre-existing habitats.

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Whatever you call them, they are natural, wooded areas remaining or added after development. They are often on the perimeter, between homes and major roads. Not only do they enhance the livability of an area for people, they provide habitat for wildlife that keep natural pests in check, including those found in and around water.

It takes many types of ecosystems to truly achieve a balanced habitat. Aquatic Systems will work with you to keep exotic vegetation under control in these areas as part of an overall lake management plan.

As important as it is to create or improve these areas, it is critical that the site is continuously monitored and managed to prevent the return of invasive exotic vegetation, which is why Aquatic Systems provides long-term management plans that fit your site’s needs.

The benefits of an Aquatic Systems wetland maintenance program include:

  • Creation of a wildlife sanctuary and waterfowl nesting areas
  • A buffer zone providing erosion deterrent
  • Increased wildlife food chain supply
  • A natural water purification system
  • Enhanced aesthetics
  • Increased property values
  • Regulatory compliance

For more information about wetland management visit:
EPA Office of Water: Wetlands
Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council

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Find the plan that fits your site's needs.