Green Cay Wetlands in Boynton Beach, FL

Wetlands at Green CayGreen Cay wetlands consists of 100 acres of constructed wetland with a 1.5 mile elevated boardwalk over it. It is located in Palm Beach County, Florida and provides the south Florida region with an excellent opportunity to experience and learn about this unique habitat.

Aquatic Systems has been maintaining Green Cay since 2010

The hot and humid south Florida weather can wreak havoc on wetlands, such as Green Cay, allowing many exotic plants to take over and displace native aquatic plants. Aquatic Systems utilizes different approaches in ridding the wetlands of excessive growth including mechanical and hand removal and reintroduction of native plants as needed. Our service team visits the site weekly to keep them in healthy condition; removing exotic, non-native plants, and caring for the native vegetation. Keeping the right balance of plants improves the quality of the water and the habitat for its many and varied inhabitants.

Green Cay Wetlands is a reclaimed water area

Water reclamation is the process of recycling wastewater into water that is reused for several purposes, one of which is environmental that includes replenishing wetlands. When you see light purple pipes, reclaimed water is in use. Wetlands are a vital part of the natural ecosystem by helping reduce storm water flooding, regulating water levels within watersheds, and working as a natural filter to improve water quality . They also provide lush and healthy vegetation and habitat for insects, fish and wildlife. Green Cay Wetlands is a haven for lush vegetation, an abundance of varied wildlife, and valued customer.